lanap & lapipGum Disease Treatment in Montgomery, AL

Gum Disease treatment has come a long way in recent years. Periodontists in Montgomery and other cities around the United States used to use scalpels and sutures to repair gums and bone after gum disease. Traditional gum surgery would also leave roots of teeth exposed, making teeth sensitive to the cold. Now, with modern advancements gum disease can be treated with lasers which both reduces treatment time and saves healthy gum and bone tissue. Dr. Davis is an expert in using the LANAP and LAPIP protocols and can treat your gum disease in Montgomery, AL, and our surrounding communities.

How Does LANAP & LAPIP Work?

Both LANAP and LAPIP are treatments for periodontal, or gum disease. Gum disease occurs in over 80% of the United States population, and if not treated, can lead to bone, gum and tooth loss. LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure and is performed by a specially trained periodontist like Dr. Davis. During LANAP procedures, your periodontist will use a laser, less than three human hairs thick to remove any bacteria and diseased tissue next to your gums and teeth. Once all of the damaged bone and tissue is removed, Dr. Davis will eliminate any calculus that remains on the tooth. Now that the area is free of bacteria and diseased tissue, Dr. Davis will go back in again with the laser and use it to create a new healthy region of tissue. This new layer will be sealed off naturally and be a perfect space for new healthy tissue to grow and flourish, free of bacteria and disease.

lanap & lapip

The LAPIP procedure is much the same as LANAP. LAPIP stands for Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Protocol and is used to treat gum disease in patients who have dental implants. The procedure is very similar to LANAP; only special considerations are made when working next to the dental implant.

Why Choose Laser Gum Surgery Over Traditional Gum Surgery

There are many benefits of choosing LANAP over traditional gum surgery for gum disease. The advantages of getting laser surgery are:

  • Less pain and discomfort: Because LANAP and LAPIP procedures use a tiny laser device to eliminate gum disease, there is less pain associated with the procedure. Dr. Davis is also able to target diseased tissue more accurately than with a scalpel.

  • Faster Healing & Recovery Time: Because the laser is so precise, Dr. Davis is able only to treat the areas of your mouth that have gum disease. Since LANAP also eradicates all of the bacteria, you can also expect less inflammation and swelling after the procedure too.

  • Little to No Gum Loss: With traditional procedures to remove gum disease, some gum tissue has to be removed, and some recession is inevitable. When using a laser for gum surgery, no incisions are needed, and there is minimal damage to your healthy gums. This means that the sensitive roots of your teeth are less likely to be exposed.

  • Fewer Appointments: In general, laser gum surgery to treat gum disease takes much less time than traditional gum surgery. LANAP and LAPIP procedures usually can be accomplished in one or two office visits, taking two or three hours each. Traditional gum surgery, on the other hand, can take twice as long and have twice as many appointments.

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