Periodontal and Esthetic Surgery

non-surgical therapyGum Grafts and Bone Grafts

We strive to be a comprehensive resource for periodontal health, offering a wide variety of treatments to help maintain good gum health and repair damage caused by gum disease.

What Are Grafts?

Gum grafts are a minimally invasive surgery that can help treat gum recession; a symptom of gum disease where the gums pull back and recede from teeth, exposing the tooth roots. Gum grafts involve taking soft tissue from another part of the mouth or using a product from a tissue bank (Alloderm)  to correct the receding gums.

We also offer a number of regenerative treatment options for patients experiencing bone loss such as bone grafts, biocompatible membranes, and biomimetic material implants to help protect your jawbone, prevent bone loss, and regenerate the jaw. And, because we offer both gum grafts and bone regeneration treatments, we can address even severe periodontal disease.

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